In a constant review of its strategies, to try to get the most out of its business model, while continuing to lead sales among supermarkets operating in Spain, Mercadona has decided to make a decision that has not been well received by its customers. Especially because it affects your savings, this is the new policy of Juan Roig’s company.

In times of difficult economic situation, making the most of when filling the shopping cart is more than essential for many families in order to make ends meet solvent. Even more so with the increase in the price of basic products, boosted by the higher cost of energy, Mercadona has always stood out as one of the chains where it is more profitable to make a purchase.

This is certified by the OCU studies that detail that the Valencian chain is the cheapest in many provinces, ahead even of regional supermarkets or Alcampo (which leads this field in national terms), however your last measure does not help this saving on certain products.

Mercadona says goodbye to coupon payments

And it is that since a few days, Mercadona has begun to stop accepting discount coupons in its establishments to the anger of many users. This is how he is expressing himself these days on social networks, in a stance against these savings checks that lowered the price of certain products in campaigns promoted by establishments and brands.

“This decision has been progressively extended to all the stores in the chain”

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, but we have stopped accepting coupons as a means of payment,” said the Valencian chain on its official Twitter profile, where it has also reported that “this decision will be progressively extended to all stores in the chain.”

Thus, it will no longer be possible to pay with coupons in any Mercadona what will have a negative impact on the pocket of many users who opted for this supermarket because of its low prices from which this certain discount had to be subtracted. The next few months will mark if this decision has been successful by the company or, on the contrary, the level of sales suffers induced by this decision.

This is the “nocilla kinder flavor” of Hacendado that triumphs in Mercadona for only 1.30 euros