César Luis Menotti he was coach of Atlético de Madrid in season 87/88. It was the great bet of Jesús Gil in his first season as president of the rojiblanco club. But the course did not end. In memory will be that 0-4 at Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu. Before he had directed FC Barcelona and now, at 81 years old, he is the Director of National Teams of the AFA.

The Argentine coach has spoken in The confidential of various issues, including his time at Atlético, where he got along well with Gil … until they collided.

“Until we fought, we had a very good relationship. I still lived in a hotel and he came to see me every night. We had a good team. We did four to Real Madrid of Michel and we put 20 players out of the game in the first half. But one day, in a match on our court, Julio Salinas he missed three heads-up against Madrid. It usually happens, ”says Menotti.

The Argentine remembers the occurrence of the former rojiblanco president. “But the point is that the following Monday he calls me Jesus Gil. I had gone to eat in Segovia or there very close. And it wasn't like now that you have the phone in your pocket. When I go back to the hotel you don't know how many messages I had. The next day, after training, he meets me at his office. Nor greeted me. He was very angry. But I looked for it ”.

“I have free on Mondays. I would never call you on a Sunday if it was not a very serious matter, I say. ‘But this is very serious, he answers me. What do you plan to do with Salinas? ’. “Help him,” Menotti said. ‘A manager who is wrong should not be helped. You have to fine him, “Gil said.

And he got involved. “A very strong discussion began. He wanted me to fine Salinas. It was $ 10,000 or something. ” “Go out and talk to the press and say that you are going to fine Salinas for having missed three goals, I told him. Then I go out and announce that, as I do not agree, I present my resignation ”replied Menotti.

“That's how it went. The press room was full in a minute and we went out to give the conference. Then he hugs me and says he was the best coach I could have brought and that we were going to continue to be great friends regardless of the differences. He forgot to say that he had just resigned. He was a divine madman”Recalls Menotti.

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