The Sevilla coach, José Luis Mendilibar, acknowledged that “the history” of his team in the Europa League is well known and that “it does not lie”, but he also warned that “it does not win games” and that facing the final of this Wednesday against AS Roma, “a difficult team to play because normally they rarely get nervous”, what counts will be “making as few mistakes as possible”.

“When I arrived at the club, some qualifying rounds had already passed and it’s not just my merit. History is there and it doesn’t lie, the club in this competition, especially in the last 20 years, has been the best team, and it’s true that even when it’s bad, when you arrive here people are not confirmed just by playing good league games and saving themselves, but the Europa League and Budapest were there even if they were far away,” Mendilibar pointed out at a press conference.

In any case, the coach from Biscay did not give importance to the team’s record in this competition because “it is a game”. “We are both here deservedly, we have arrived in a different way and it will be difficult for both of us to win the cup,” he remarked.

“I don’t know what could weigh more, for me it’s my first situation like this, but the budget and the rest don’t count so much, being right counts because mistakes are paid for in these games and you have to try to make as few as possible,” he added. about.

Mendilibar was “grateful” for José Mourinho’s praise, but insisted that “history doesn’t win games and neither do compliments.” “Roma is the most difficult rival because they are in the final. We know how we are going to play, also how they are going to play and in that fight on the field we will see who wins. Our idea is clear and we are not going to change it,” he warned , confirming that the eleven has been clear since the last game last Saturday against Real Madrid.

“I don’t care if it is said that we are favourites, I don’t think about that, I don’t give importance to those things. The bets will be in some way, but it does not mean that we are going to win or lose or that this advantage is going to translate into field. I try so that the players are as calm as possible and each one gets the best out of it”, stressed the man from Zaldívar.

For the Sevilla coach, they have had “the wisdom of knowing how to play two qualifiers against two very difficult rivals” such as Manchester United and Juventus. “Now we will compete against another difficult team and very different from the other two, but with our weapons I am convinced that we can beat them,” he said.

Mendilibar made it clear that he is going “to sleep” without problems. “Besides, I’m sleepy because I got up early,” he said, completely relaxed. “When you see the stadium something enters you inside and it’s better to feel it now and know what’s there,” he admitted about his first feelings upon arriving at the Puskas Arena.


Of Roma, he stressed that “defensively he is very strong” and that “he doesn’t need many chances to score and win.” “They don’t worry too much about wanting to get to the opposite goal, while we do want to get there. They feel comfortable if they have to defend close to their goalkeeper or if they have to press, it’s a difficult team to play because normally they rarely get nervous, and with that same tranquility we have to play too”, he expressed.

The Sevilla coach is also clear that it will be a “different” rival from United and Juventus. “They are three very strong, but different teams, and with our same weapons and without wanting to change we have to try to beat Roma. We have to be calm defensively, balanced and attentive with the ball so that any loss is not against us or against us. do damage. If we do it well, we will have options to win the game”, he assured.

Mendilibar does not see himself with “more responsibility” for this meeting. “I’ve been enjoying football since I arrived in Seville and I hope to end this game and the next one against Real Sociedad in the same way. The possibility of winning is clear in my head, then you can win, lose or tie, but other times They are more fearful,” he confessed.

Finally, he stated that “no” he cares about his future on the Sevilla bench and whether it depends on winning the title. “I signed for three and a half months, if I had cared, I would have pressed. I’m calm, I came from unemployment and my contract ends on June 30. I have to try to win the final and then try to finish the league in the best possible way From there we will see what happens, but it doesn’t worry me at all. I don’t think the game is important for my future, if what we have done up to now changes you because of the result…”, he sentenced.