Melania renegotiates her prenuptial agreement with Trump months before her son turns 18: “She wants more money”

It is not the first time that the prenuptial agreement between Donald (77) y Melania Trump (53), married since 2005, generates headlines. Now it has emerged that the wife of the former US president has renegotiated, and for the second time, this agreement with the father of his son Barron, who is now 17 years old and will come of age next March.

“For the last year, Melania and her team have been quietly negotiating a new ‘postnuptial’ agreement between her and Donald Trump,” a source tells the American media. Page Six.

Thus, the same source consulted by the aforementioned newspaper insisted that this is the third time that the former Slovak model has negotiated her prenuptial agreement. Far from plunging into a possible divorce with the businessman, Melania insists on negotiating to provide for her son Barron 17-year-old (the only child he has in common with Trump) the best possible economic conditions.

“Melania is more concerned with maintaining and increasing substantial confidence for her son,” they indicate. In this sense, they also add: “I know that she wanted me to provide her with more money and also, from what I understand, there is a specific minimum amount that Barron is supposed to get.”

In addition to ensuring the future of her little one, the Slovak woman also requested renegotiation to assess issues related to the property and fortune of the marriage.

It must be remembered that in 2017, when Donald Trump set foot in the White House for the beginning of his term, Melania already asked her husband to renegotiate the prenuptial agreement, which they both signed in 2005. This, as we already said, is about the third time that the model asks to review this agreement. This negotiation also comes when the chances of Trump running as a Republican candidate for the US presidency to achieve a second term are gaining strength.