New image examination for the members of the British royal family after their participation in all the official acts for the mourning of Queen Elizabeth II. Who are the most beloved Windsors and who are the least? Under the magnifying glass is Meghan Markle, who collapses in the newspaper’s popularity poll The Sun. Guillermo is better valued than his father, the king.

The funeral of Elizabeth II stopped the life of the United Kingdom. The country bid farewell to its queen in a national mourning, which lasted for several weeks. The State ceremony for the funeral of the sovereign was attended by the entire Windsor family, including the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who retired from the royal family in January 2020. A litmus test for Meghan Markle, whose image has plummeted after the Megxit, as reflected in the survey published by the British newspaper. The notes are these: in the first place, Guillermo (23% of the votes); the second, Kate (20%); the third, Carlos III (19%); then Princess Anne (19%); Sophia of Wessex (10%); Stretcher (9%); and, finally, Meghan (9%).

An opinion that differs according to the ages of the participants. Millennials between 18 and 24 years old turn this ranking around and place the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in the lead: Harry, the first (with 29% of the votes) and the North American, the second (with 19%).

The newspaper also raises the question about the convenience of the return of the Sussexes to the royal family. The survey has spoken: 40% say no; 30% say yes and the rest do not know.

Meghan’s tears

The portrait of Meghan crying, in full public display on the day of the monarch’s state funeral, was highly commented on networks. The duchess’s tears, in a gesture of maximum intensity, did not finish transmitting an image of close and empathetic sadness. In this photograph, the actress did not communicate.