“Real” and “disgusting” have been the two words that the former anti-terrorist chief has used to talk about the threats suffered by the Duchess of Sussex. The former agent, in an interview on Channel 4, refers to the years he Meghan Markle lived in the UK before making the decision with her husband, Harryleaving The Firm in 2020.

It is the testimony of former counter-terrorism chief Neil Basu, after his 30 years of service in the British Metropolitan Police. On Channel 4 television, when asked if these threats against the daughter-in-law of Charles III were real, the agent replied: “Absolutely, and if you had seen the things that were written and received them… It’s that kind of online rhetoric… If you don’t know what I know, you would feel under threat all the time.” . The chief added: “We had teams look into it.”

Basu, who has served as a senior ethnic minority officer, has spoken out about racism, saying it remains a problem and that he is vigilant about issues of “racial and social justice.”