Meghan Markle, new ‘trailer-bomb’ of things to come: “They put me in the lion’s den”

These are the seven words that the Duchess of Sussex has chosen to verbalize her experience within the royal family: “They put me in the lion’s den.” The new scenes, the new images and the new testimonies about the version of the Sussexes arrive: “Her story of her”. It is the trailer for the new three episodes that will premiere on Netflix on December 15.

The broadcast of the first episodes of the series of Harry y Meghan has dynamited the walls of Buckingham Palace. This Monday the 12th, the streaming giant has released the new teaser as an appetizer of what we will see in three days. The image that opens this new trailer corresponds to the last official act attended by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex before their departure from London, in March 2020 (photo above).

In the following chapters Megxit is approached as a light in the tunnel. Light is freedom and the Sussexes go towards the light. The tunnel is to stay in the royal family. Continue to be part of it. “I don’t know what would have happened to us if we hadn’t moved away… I said: We have to get out of here”Harry drops very concerned. Meanwhile, his wife launches a complaint: “They took away our security. Everybody knew where we were.”

The Sussexes’ accusations have not been lacking: “They hired people to spread that information… They lied to protect my brother.” The documentary manages to convey that atmosphere of irrespirable pressure that the Dukes had in London, in front of those photographs running with their baby, Archie, through their Montecito garden. They are images of light, happiness, family and nature.