Daniil Medvedev does not usually celebrate his triumphs too much, even when they are as big as winning the US Open against Novak Djokovic. But this time, the Muscovite made an exception and after scoring the last point of the game he dropped to the ground in a rather particular way.

Later, his coach, Gilles Cervara, who won the Best Coach trophy, revealed what he had done for FIFA, the famous multiplatform soccer video game. “I didn't know what it was about, but later, still on the pitch, I said to him: 'What was that?' And he answered, 'Nothing, FIFA.' It was really, really fun. “ [/ embed]

When Medvedev addressed the media, he explained in more detail what he had done and why. “One night at Wimbledon I couldn't fall asleep. And I had crazy thoughts, just like anyone else. I thought, okay, if I'm going to win Wimbledon, imagine I win it against Novak or whatever, not celebrating is going to be too boring, because I do it all the time. I need to do something, but I want to make it special, “he advanced. [/ embed]

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“I like to play FIFA, on the PlayStation. It's called the 'dead fish' celebration. If you meet your opponent when you play, a lot of times you do. You're going to score a goal, you're up 5-0, and it comes out, “he continued.” I spoke with the teammates, they are young boys, super calm. They play FIFA. And they told me, that's legendary. Everyone I saw who plays FIFA thinks that is legendary. This is how I wanted to do it. It is not because I want to be in the newspapers talking about the celebration, FIFA or whatever. I do not mind. But I wanted it to be special so that the people I love, so that my friends who I adore and with whom I play FIFA. He knew he was going to make it. I did a bit of damage to myself, it is not easy to do it on hard courts, but I am happy that I did it and that it is something legendary of mine, “he concluded.

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