The next few days will again be somewhat frantic regarding the information that will appear from Mbappé. He is scheduled to return to training next Thursday the 22nd. It is not just a morbid situation, seeing him wear the PSG kit at this delicate moment in which he has refused to renew up to three times, but because club and player agreed to resume talks when the footballer returned from his vacation. Your exit operation will then be reactivated.

When France fell against all odds at the European Championship (it was a clear favorite to lift the title, not in vain is the reigning world champion), Mbappé was not in his best mood. He was the subject of the fiercest criticism from the specialized press of his country, especially after failing the decisive penalty of the shoot-out, and that fueled the star's desire to play in Spain. The next day and before starting the holidays, he called two PSG managers to assure them that he was not going to renew his contract, which expires in 2022, although, yes, he had no problem playing the remaining season in France. PSG, understanding that he was not at his best, called him to a new meeting after his vacation. Operation Mbappé seems to definitively enter its final stretch.

PSG continues to strive to make a very competitive team that allows Mbappé to think that he has a chance of winning the Champions League if he finally renews. Not only has Ramos reached the center of defense, but Donnarumma, star of the European Championship with Italy, will be in goal, plus the additions of Wijnaldum and former Madrid winger Achraf. It even sounds like Pogba for the average … And they have managed to renew Neymar.

But Mbappé continues to strictly comply with the plan he designed together with Real Madrid. Without forcing the machine, being respectful, He hopes that the days go by so that at the end of the market and with the knowledge that he is not going to renew, PSG agrees to sell it and thus get a good slice of money before letting it go for free.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Reports have reached Real Madrid offices that indicate that PSG will need to sell players worth 150 million to comply with the Financial Fair Play regulations. But, on the other hand, there is a suspicion that UEFA may be lax with PSG in this regard because the Parisian club was unmarked from the start of the European Super League.

The player expects more action from Madrid.

Sources very close to Mbappé himself assure AS that the player and his family expected Real Madrid to take action at this decisive moment in which the operation is entering. Not that they did it in the form of striking public statements, but that internal pressure was exerted from entity to entity with phone calls between presidents in which Madrid made it clear to PSG that Mbappé would end up wearing the Madrid shirt and that it is only a matter of time. For Mbappé, beyond the fact that he feels that he is carrying the full weight of the operation, it is not a dish of good taste to start the season with PSG, with the pressure of the fans on his back, which will increase with each passing day and that have not renewed. That is the risk that Madrid runs if the operation does not close this summer, that Mbappé ends up giving up in the face of the great project that PSG is forming and in the face of this pressure that will increase. For now, his dream of playing at the Bernabéu weighs more.


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