If during this past summer the transfer market has been orphaned of a ‘mega-step’, it seems that the next one will not be like that. The Juventus, which already shook the market two years ago by signing ChristianThis time he could do it again with the Portuguese also as the protagonist.

And it is that, according to the English newspaper The Mirror, the Italian team plans to sign Mbappe from the PSG and include Cristiano Ronaldo in an operation that could amount to 397 million, thus exceeding that of Neymar (222 million from Barcelona to PSG). Something that, at first, seems difficult to fulfill but that in a world of football affected by COVID-19, clubs want to make money in any way.

Real Madrid, in the shortlist

On the other hand, we must not forget that Mbappé is the great objective of Real Madrid for next summer and that, if the French ends up signing for Juventus, the white team would not stop either and, if not avoided, they would go for Earling Haaland, the other great pearl of European football.


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