The World Champion will defend her crown in Qatar. France confirmed her qualification for the 2022 World Cup catapulted by a great Kylian Mbappé, which overwhelmed a Kazakhstan much lower than the one he also executed Benzema, author of two goals (7-0).

The Paris Saint Germain star killed the duel in just over half an hour. He did a hat trick, the first to score with France, and exhibited an almost insulting soccer and physical superiority. It was good to have Coman as a squire, who on the right and playing as a lane (Deschamps came out with a defense of three), destroyed Yaykenov again and again. At 6 minutes Mbappé He opened the can with a good first shot and that goal was followed by two more goals (12 ‘and 32’).

Thus the marker went to rest. Kazakhstan he crossed the midfield line only once and did not disturb Lloris throughout the game. The goal was one more spectator of the exhibition of Mbappé, which in the second part followed his own, although this time with Benzema also as a partner. The Madrid player scored two goals, one from Kylian’s pass, in two almost traced plays that made a committed Parque de los Príncipes vibrate even more (55 ‘and 59’). He even joined the party Rabiot with the sixth, his first with France (75 ‘) and even Griezmann, who scored from a penalty that he himself suffered (84 ‘). Could not go Mbappé without doing one more and the fourth arrived in his personal account, in another sample of his terrible power (87 ‘)

Now to France It only remains for him to close the qualifying phase in the duel against Finland, which yesterday beat Bosnia (1-3)

Francia: Lloris; Koundé, Upamecano, Lucas (Lenglet, 79 ‘); Coman (Pavard, 79 ‘), Kanté (Tchouameni, 71’), Rabiot, Theo; Mbappé (Ben Yedder, 88 ‘) y Benzema (Diaby, 71’)
Kazajistán: Pokatilov; Bystrov (Kairov, 85 ‘), Erlanov, Marochkin, Alip, Taykenov; Tapalov (Baitana, 68 ‘), Kuat, Zharynbetov; Aimbetov (Zhaksylykov, 60 ‘), Omirtayev (Vasiljev, 60’)
Goals: 1-0, Mbappé (6 ‘); 2-0, Mbappé (12 ‘); 3-0, Mbappé (32 ‘); 4-0, Benzema (55 ‘); 5-0, Benzema (59 ‘); 6-0, Rabiot (75 ‘); 7-0, Griezmann from a penalty (84 ‘); 8-0, Mbappé (87 ‘)
Stadium: Park of the Princes
Referee: Glenn Nyberg (SUE). Yellow cards to Benzema for France and Omirtayev and Vasiljev for Kazakhstan

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