The champion was in front and the ghosts of that unusual Lisbon final, too. Neymar and Mbappé had a major challenge before them: confirm that the PSG project is ready to lift the Champions League. And, in addition, it was an obstacle with a message: Would the Frenchman stay if his team, one more year, says goodbye to the top continental competition without pain or glory? Far from conjecture, the two protagonists of these lines proved to be capable of everything. Capital recital of both. Ney gave two assists and a recital in driving. Kylian sowed chaos, scored two goals and one of them was a newspaper library. Sensational result for the lap, in which they force the rival to score two. Let Bayern tremble.

The sound of the Champions League anthem made their skin crawl under the snow in Munich. From the bench they had a clear order to attack spaces and do not hesitate to look for the weaknesses of the rival. Within two minutes Flick took the first one on his forehead. Neymar leads, a lost Sule does not know well how to back off, he stays in a nobody's zone and the Brazilian filters it to his inseparable Mbappé. Somewhat nervous the Frenchman, hit him to break and was close to not ending up inside the goal. But it was the first, which, by the way, is the earliest that Bayern has received in the Champions League since 2010. As soon as it started and in front of the colossus of the continent …

Mbappé started the game as a center forward, although very mobile and falling down the right wing to leave space for the arrival of men in the second row. With Neymar as playmaker at 4-2-3-1, he had an ideal partner to launch counterattacks. Flick had to react. Draxler's disallowed goal on 11 'could serve as a reference. In another exit, Mbappé threw a deflection, received, faced, diverted the attention of the entire defense on his boots and the ball, somewhat stumbling, ended up at the German's feet. It was useless to push her into the net, since at the beginning there was offside.

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Bayern control does not scare away wolves

Bayern insisted on the baton. It arrived, with great danger, and Keylor proclaimed himself a hero. It was the script that marked the destiny of the party. More with the first goal. But Pochettino's plan was precisely that. Without Verratti the ball belonged to the Germans, without discussion. The goal was another debate. Mbappé received again, he broke Sule with great ease and nobody reached his pass behind. The Frenchman plays at a different pace. 27 goals in 43 games is just one more piece of information to endorse it.

Neymar wanted to remove the crown. From a corner caused by Mbappé, a repelled ball came out for the Brazilian 30 meters from the goal. The pass he gave to Marquinhos was not seen on television, imagine in the field. He beat the entire Bayern defense, which was coming out. It was precise, exact for his compatriot's foot, which he defined at will. The few operatives who occupied the bands of the Allianz Arena did not give credit. Despite the insistence of their own, 0-2 with the signature of two superstars.

That's when Flick said enough. He put Davies for Goretzka and took off Sule, riddled on all fronts, for Boateng. At least, a fresh central to stop the bleeding and more speed in attack and also behind. In between, Choupo-Moting closed the gap. Mbappé and Neymar were outstanding, but a champion is a champion.

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Knock on the table

Asphyxiated the PSG, received the tie and the omens that all the effort had been in vain. And even a feeling of rage at Neymar's wrong hand-to-hand. Of course, thanks to Mbappé, who stole a ball, attracted the defenders and the rebound of his monologue against the rear was left to his partner and friend, who was not accurate against Neuer. The two superheroes also dress up as Clark Kent from time to time. The '7' failed a heads-up, although it will not appear in the summaries: it was offside.

The mallet kept hitting Keylor's area. It was overwhelming to see the images of the Bavarian machinery over and over again on the goal. It was one occasion after another. What if they had had the two giants of Paris Saint Germain? Many would ask when Mbappé painted his third goal as a work of art. He heeled left to receive from Di María. The play, in other cases, would not have gone anywhere. With the one claimed by Real Madrid, a verdict like this can never be given. Encaró, he did not have much space to shoot and everyone expected him to connect with Neymar. Well no. Boateng deception and lash that left Neuer dry. A horror movie for the King of Europe. Will there be a change in the throne?


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