Last double session of the Atlético de Madrid completed before his first friendly of the summer, which he will play on Friday at 7:00 p.m. against the Numantia in El Burgo de Osma, inside the Jesús Gil Memorial.

After training first thing in the morning, with prominence for the physicist, at 6.30 p.m., under a blazing sun and with 37 degrees on the thermometer, the mattress players jumped onto the grass to start the session, which began in the annex field with physical exercises.

Afterwards, the footballers moved to the usual field, where a thoughtful awaited Simeone so that the ball had prominence. The rojiblancos completed several possession exercises, where the intensity was very high. The coach constantly asked his players to pass hard, without fear, so that they reached the recipient under pressure from opponents.

Philip did not step on the grass this Wednesday, but Arias yes, he was with the group working as one more. It is not ruled out that he may have a minute on Friday against Numancia, although it seems somewhat hasty.

This Thursday, in the last session before traveling to El Burgo de Osma (for the first time since the season started, there will only be one training session), the Cholo will finish outlining the game against Numancia, where the quarry will have a lot of prominence. It is expected that Lemar Y Vrsaljko are already in this session under the orders of the Argentine coach.


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