Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Maurice Cheeks, Coach of Oklahoma City Thunder Assistant has not been able to manage a full Basketball fix for over two months. But fortunately, ESPN did make the choice of releasing the 10-part sports documentary on the chronicles of Michael Jordan and the rise of the Chicago Bulls dynasty. The name of the documentary series that keeps on inspiring younger players and fans is “The Last Dance”.

Fans and viewers surely love the documentary series that lets them peek into the life of their favorite player. On the contrary, Maurice Cheeks who was the first one to know the rise of Michael Jordan did retire from the NBA. The career of Maurice Cheeks did end up in NBA after the 1992-93 season. He was a member of Philadephia 76ers for 11 years in his NBA career. The 1983 championship team and the Hall of Famer did overlap Michael Jordan for three all-star teams of four.

Maurice Cheeks Admire Michael Jordan

Maurice Cheeks did have a unique perspective and point of view. Because the Sixers were a contender due to the Chicago Bulls who rise as a power in the Eastern Conference while Julius Irving was leading it. Maurice Cheeks did also secure the place of the fifth position for all-time in steals.

Well, Maurice Cheeks, the NBA player has been the fixture in the coaching field since his last and final game in 1993 season. The documentary “The Last Dance” surely brings back some of the vivid memories of Maurice Steeks and his performance.

Maurice Cheeks did open up about his memories of Michael Jordan to Oklahoman’s Joe Mussato. He speaks up, “I don’t think people that played against him and watching this realize the level of competitor he was… When you’re watching this, you can see it. But when you’re playing, maybe somebody playing against him could see it, but I don’t know. He was on a whole different level than most people are used to.”

It is sure that Maurice Cheeks admires Michael Jordan as he did experience it first hand. NBA tries to figure out how to complete the 2019-20 season currently.


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