Matías Prats marries his son: Atresmedia and Mediaset, united in a great wedding

Last May, Matías Prats Junior spoke to us about the preparations for his very excited wedding. It was last March when the news of the marriage commitment between the son Matías Prats, a living legend of television, and the also journalist, Claudia Collado, after five years of sentimental relationship, was made public.

Matías Prats Jr and Claudia Collado have said the long-awaited and dreamed ‘Yes, I want’, surrounded by their loved ones and demonstrating the great complicity they have had for five years.

The groom’s father, Matias Prats, He has come with his girlfriend Ruth Izcue, Also a communication professional.

Like his ex-wife and mother of the sports journalist, Mayte Chacon, with whom he divorced in 2012 and with whom he maintains a cordial relationship.

The last time we were with Matías Jr., he confessed that he was “very happy” for his good relationship with his family: “I’m getting married and life smiles at me.”

He was so well that the sports journalist dared to joke about wanting to advance the wedding in case his girlfriend did not change her mind: “We are very good, I am very much in love with her, I love her very much. I am looking forward to marrying her and that the day comes. Above all, that the day comes so that he does not run away, in case he regrets it,” he declared.

The day finally came. After enjoying this Friday of the piercing, The bride and groom have gathered their loved ones, some 150 guests in total, in the church of Sant Martí d’Empúries, in Girona, Claudia’s homeland.

The link has been a haven of peace between stars and professionals from the two big television groups and rivals in the battle for the audience. has not attended Sarah Carbonero, with which Matías dated for a while.

But there are other colleagues who are still in Mediaset with the boyfriend: from Lucía Villalón or Carmen Chaparro, to JJSantos, José Antonio Luque, or Marc Calderó, to well-known journalists from Ana Rosa’s program Leticia Requejo and Jano Mecha.