Came the day. After four years of dating, Kiko Matamoros y Marta Lopez Alamo They go through the altar this Friday, June 2, turning a deaf ear to the criticism they have received in recent years due to their age difference (he is 66 and she is 26). The wedding, to which up to 250 people are invited, takes place in the Basilica of San Miguel. The banquet will be held at the Hotel Ritz with food by Quique Dacosta and the party will continue at the Oh My Club nightclub.

Hours before their union, the couple have become cloying on social networks. Of course, they have not made a single reference to makoke, which this Wednesday eclipsed the model (wedding dress) on the cover of the same magazine. As we have been told, Matamoros is very angry and indignant with the weekly. “Kiko is climbing the walls,” they assure us.

“I don’t know how much he will have charged for that exclusive, but, after seeing the anger that Matamoros has taken for going on the cover instead of his girlfriend, he has more than compensated her. She wanted to leave two days before her wedding to annoy him, and that is why he proposed to the magazine to do that report, but he did not imagine that it would do him so much damage. He is enjoying it,” our informant also told us.

The message of Matamoros

“We all need an accomplice at some point, someone to help us use our hearts. Benedetti. Today I end with my wedding four years and three months of happiness and absolute complicity with an extraordinary woman. Thank you for having come into my life,” he wrote. the tertullian of Save me on his Instagram profile. The 26-year-old model replied: “The day has come. I love you with all my heart.”

Regarding the guest list, the presence of Kiko’s children stands out: Lucy, Diego, Laura e Irene, all the result of his relationship with Marian Flores. With Anita, the daughter he has with Makoke, he does not have a good relationship, so everything seems to indicate that the young woman will not attend the wedding.

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of his classmates Save mefaces such as Terelu Campos, Kiko Hernandez, Jorge Javier Vazquez (lowered at Mediaset just a few weeks before the end of Save me) o Rafael Mora. However, the absences stand out bethlehem esteban, Maria Patino o Lydia Lozanowho have already confirmed that they will not attend the link.