Master Joao, devastated, mourns the death of his mother Benita: his farewell letter

Master Joao is going through one of the hardest moments of his life. The clairvoyant announced this Sunday the death of his mother Benitaat 94 years old, with an emotional farewell letter through his social networks: “Goodbye, Mom. You left quietly, discreetly, in peace, just like you lived your whole life.”.

The television personality, who was spending a few days relaxing on a cruise, had to return quickly to say goodbye to his mother, his greatest support and the protagonist of some of the psychic’s “craziness” during his time on various television programmes.

Accustomed to sharing his daily life on social media, the psychic has confessed that he never thought that Benita’s last words would be those asking him to return home: “The last video you sent me was, ‘Please come back soon.’ I’ve listened to it a thousand times, but I didn’t know those would be the last words I’d hear you say. Now you will always be with me,” he added.

However, she also revealed that she was a little “embarrassed” to share this sad news. Even so, she did it because of the affection that her followers have always shown her mother: “I know that many people loved her and I think that out of respect for all those people I should tell it and because I know she also wanted to say goodbye to all the people who love her and love me.”

“She closed her eyes and she won’t open them again, but I still see her gaze, her brave and kind little eyes. Mom, you are already ETERNAL.”she concluded in her emotional farewell letter. Of course, messages of support from her community of followers were not long in coming: “I’m so sorry. I know how important your mother was to you and how you’re going through it right now. I’m here for you for whatever you need,” Pol Badía, who was her boyfriend for a few years, wrote to her.

Barbara Rey also wanted to show her support to the psychic in this difficult time: “Dear friend, I’m so sorry, I know how much you loved your mother and you must be having a very bad time, but I also know that you, like me, believe in something wonderful that exists after leaving this world. They will be waiting for us to welcome us with open arms, there is no pain or suffering there, only love and peace, it is the place where your mother and my parents are now. They have to see us happy here on earth, so that they don’t suffer for us and enjoy our happiness. I love you, friend.”

This sad news comes just after Maestro Joao decided a few weeks ago to take a very important step in his personal life. At 60 years old, he announced, during his time at Dance as you canhis decision to transition to a woman, a gender with which he has identified since childhood. Microphone in hand, Joao explained that, from now on, Will be called like his mother, whom he mentioned during his emotional speech. “I will be called Benita, like my mother”he said, adding: “I have decided to make the transition and truly be who I am, which “That’s what my mother gave birth to and she’s proud because she knows what she had inside.”.