Enric Masip, spokesperson for the president of Barcelona Joan Laporta, happened this tuesday for Esport3 by TV3 and broke down the news of the Barça club and the delicate moment that the team is going through. Despite assuring that Ronald Koeman has credit as a culé coach, he did not guarantee 100% the continuity of the Dutchman on the Camp Nou bench. “I'm not saying yes or no”, He said after being asked about a possible dismissal of the coach after the poor results obtained and the game crisis.

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On Koeman he added: “He has credit because he is the coach of Barcelona. If the coach is in his place it is because it is understood that he has the confidence to continue. When you see that things are not working, it is normal to doubt.”

Laporta-Koeman relationship: “It has given the feeling that they were at odds, but they are not. The relationship between the two is cordial.”

Possible arrival of Xavi: “The president's reference has always been Cruyff and then there are people like Guardiola or Xavi. Laporta has always said that Xavi will end up training Barça. With Laporta? Why not?”

Future:“I ask people to have the patience and confidence that this can be straightened out. We have a patient in the ICU, but we are Barça and this cannot be forgotten. People see that leadership and determination are lacking. Before it was supplied with quality, but claw, heart and feeling can never disappear. “In April we could hardly pay our payroll. Holes had to be plugged instead of building. “

Personal opinion: “I have my opinion, but the most valid opinion I understand is that of the sports and football director.”