Marta Torrejon (Mataró, 30 years old) faces the Most special Catalan derby of his career. The defense of Barça will be one of the footballers who will lead Barça today (18:00) in their debut at the Camp Nou against Spanish. The Catalan, who attended an exclusive interview with Diario AS before the appointment, arrives very excited to a duel in which will meet again with the team in which he formed and played for more than a decade getting several titles (one League and three Cups)

Seven years after changing the blue and white for the azulgrana, Torrejón is a benchmark and captain of Barça, where she has won two more Leagues and three Cups, in addition to being runner-up in the Champions League and lifting the Spanish Super Cup. Since she arrived at Barça in 2013, at the age of 23, the one from Mataró has been adding stripes in the Barcelona team. She has also grown out of the green, after graduating as a biologist and studying History at UNED.

The next historical milestone for the '8' azulgrana will be today's derby at the Camp Nou, whose celebration is already a success. Who knows if she will be the first scorer of this special event for a Barça that defends the leadership in the First Division. Quality for this is not lacking, having shown in recent seasons a great scorer nose (10 goals last season and 3 this season) despite being a defender and usually playing side on the right side.

It has been made to wait, but finally they make their debut at the Camp Nou. What a beginning of 2021 …

Yes (laughs). We are living this with great enthusiasm and with great enthusiasm. It is a special match for all and for all football fans. It has been a bit long since the news came out, but the game is here. And we will go for it all. To be able to play a game at the Camp Nou we were all looking forward to it and in this life you have to be patient. Everything comes and has come to an end as a gift from Kings. We will enjoy it as girls

A pity that there cannot be people in the stands to enjoy this game to the fullest, right?

Yes. Unfortunately, this is the situation we are experiencing. The first thing is health and we are in the situation that we are due to the pandemic. But, we hope that this is a first step so that in the future we can enjoy another game at the Camp Nou. We will have to live it without an audience, but we are going to enjoy it to the fullest also from minute 1.

How are you experiencing all the success of recent years from within the dressing room?

We are in a good moment. The evolution we have had has been very positive and the club bet a lot on us. And now all the fruits of all the work behind it are beginning to be reaped. And we have to keep going upwards and I am sure that even better times will come.

The feeling is that Barça is unstoppable, do you feel that superiority with respect to the rest of the teams?

We are on a roll and things are going very well for us. We have maintained the block from last year and that also helps, that the teammates get to know each other and everything goes more smoothly. Everything is the result of work and the hours that we put in training. In the end everything is reflected in the matches. We must continue in this line. After that Champions League final that we lost in Budapest, we knew we had to keep working to get closer to those teams that were at the top and that is what we are doing. The goal is to work to be better every day.

The physical leap that the team made after being runners-up in Europe always stands out. But is there something else? What is the secret of this success?

I think it is a set. It helps a lot to trust your partner and believe in the work we are doing. In the end what we do is work hard on the block as a team and that in the end is what can take you as far as possible.

The dominance of Barça, with thrashing everywhere, is showing great superiority over the rest of the teams. Do you think this could affect the image of the League?

Right now we are having good results and I hope we continue with them after this Christmas break and in the end the League is very long and a lot can happen. We still haven't finished a first round. We will see how all this ends and we will continue to press as we have done so far.

As he comments, any team can surprise. How do you deal with encounters in which you always have the favorite poster hanging?

We always live every game as a final. The three points are essential whether they are against a team below or against one with a half table. Equal points are worth and that is why we face equal matches.

The League's Ecuador has not been reached, do you think that the entire League can be finished despite COVID-19?

I sincerely hope that the season can end. It is true that we are in the situation that we are, but we are also grateful to be playing during this pandemic, with controls and tests. It is complicated and the important thing about all this is that the positives are detected with tests and are isolated correctly. In the end we knew that this League was also going to be played by the pandemic. These are situations to which we have to adapt and we hope that the positives that come out are not serious and will join their teams as soon as possible. Controlling with the tests as we are doing, I think they can be controlled.

On a personal level, how have they been this Christmas, with the fear of catching it and being able to miss a game like the one at Camp Nou?

Yes. There has been fear, but I believe that with individual responsibility of each one, with control and protection, this time can be overcome. In the end it is important to avoid getting together with many bubbles and to have responsibility. By following the established rules, we all have the right to celebrate Christmas.

Going back to the Camp Nou game, how do you expect the game?

In the end a derby is always a derby. It is a complicated, tough game and one of those who like to play. They will come out to bite from the first moment. Having such a good run at the start of the season we are tagged as favorites, but anything can happen. Everyone will do everything possible to take the three points and we will do the same to keep adding three at a time.

For you it is a special match, for the rival. How did you receive the news that the derby would be the first game at the Camp Nou?

The truth is that I was very excited because more and more steps are being taken forward, towards continuing to grow and betting on us. And that also makes you very excited, having the addition that the rival was Espanyol. It will be a very, very nice match.

What was it like playing with Espanyol for more than ten years and changing to your eternal rival?

In the end, they are decisions that you make because you want to continue growing. I lived a very good stage at Espanyol, which was a leader in those years, winning Leagues and Cups and being at the top fighting for the titles. But, it all depends on how you see your club betting on women's football. And there came a time when, due to the club's situation, they stopped betting a bit on this category. And in the end I saw myself in my early twenties and wanting to grow up. I still had a long way to go. Barça gave me this opportunity and I took it. I don't regret it in the least because thanks to them I have been able to grow in football. Barça has made a clear commitment to its women's football and it is clear that we are trying to fight for the maximum. It will be a very special game and my utmost respect for Espanyol for everything they have done for women's football.

Is there fear that the bet on women's football is reduced due to the pandemic?

I hope not because the steps we have been taking in women's football these years have been firm. Obviously, the situation of the pandemic affects everyone. I think budgets and bets have been cut in all aspects, not just ours.

He has shown these years that you are also very good at scoring, despite his defensive profile. Do you see yourself scoring the first goal at the Camp Nou?

It would be a dream to score at the Camp Nou, but I am content with her being a Barça player. I don't care which, but let them be ours. Anything to add will be good for the team.

She is a biologist and studies History at UNED. Are you considering an earlier retirement to carry out your other vocations?

No the truth is no. My withdrawal will depend on the feelings I have on the field. There is time for everything and my time now is in football. We must take advantage of this that we have had to live. I will make the most of it and what it lasts for me.

Have you ever imagined living from football as you do at Barça?

When I started playing soccer I never thought about dedicating myself to it professionally because you couldn't earn a living. Right now, in this club, we can make a living from it. And so I want to make the most of this. Being able to earn a living with something you enjoy is the best thing that can happen to you.

What do you expect from this 2021 that comes loaded with challenges for Barça?

I hope to continue enjoying the way we are doing so far and to reach the maximum in all competitions (League, Cup, Super Cup and Champions).

What did you think when you saw that Atlético was once again a rival in the semifinals of the Super Cup?

We thought a very difficult semi-final was approaching against one of our biggest rivals. A very tough duel against an opponent who knows how to play us and who always makes things very difficult for us. It will be a very difficult semifinal.

What challenges are set for 2021?

Keep giving my 100% every day at Barça. And, hopefully more titles will come for us.


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