ex-wife of Antonio David Flores He announced in style his romantic relationship with Augustine Etiennehis representative, exclusive way last Wednesday, September 28. “With butterflies” and “like a teenager” were the words she used Olga Moreno to describe how you feel with this new illusion.

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However, his illusion is not so new and there are parts in the Sevillian story that support it. it was in july when we counted in this digital that Olga was dating her representative. A piece of news that she denied, days later, in Hola.

Moreno says in his interview in the magazine: “The truth is that for a few months I’ve been hitting on him… We spent more time together and I was hitting on him all the time, but he just laughed.” A little later he acknowledges: “He had never seen it with different eyes until practically a few weeks ago.”

There are other contradictions in your story. At first she says: “Someday we would end up together…” To later reveal the opposite: “Never in my life could I imagine that I was going to end up with Agustín and neither could he”. They were?

Martha Lopeza close friend of the former winner of Survivors 2021, also does not seem to understand the chronology of the romance between Olga and her manager. She was one of the first to deny it when the rumors came out in the summer because one of the things that made her think that they were not together is that Agustín “threw the junk” at her.

However, she believes it was “nonsense” and did not want to go into details because “she did not remember” the phrases that her friend’s now official boyfriend told her. “I know that they had no relationship because if not, Agustín does not tell me such nonsense,” she settled.