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Married, on the 'parental pin': “No communist will tell us how to educate our children”

Chris Lawrence



The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, has accused the Government of using the parental pin as a “smoke screen” to cover the appointment of Dolores Delgado as the State's attorney general. This was stated this Sunday in Murcia during the closure of the act of the PP 'Governments for freedom', after the Government of Pedro Sánchez has sent a requirement to eliminate this system of express authorization of the Parents for the participation of their children in complementary activities.

On the words of the Minister of Education, Isabel Celaá, referring to the children are not their parents, Casado said he thought it was a “lapse” for which they were not going to apologize for the usual “arrogance” of this government. Thus, he compared this situation with that of Cuba, where children “are of the revolution”. “We are going to get the children to betray their parents too when they are not revolutionaries as it happens today in Cuba. We will arrive in that Europe in black and white where the children who betrayed their parents for not agreeing with the political regime had a prize, “he criticized.

Casado questioned whether the Executive does this now because he has appointed a state attorney general being a deputy of the PSOE. “Let's not bite the hook. You have to break those smoke curtains and break those probe balloons,” he said.

Casado also said that the Government is giving up reading the Spanish Constitution, which in article 27 enshrines the freedom of parents to decide the education of their children. “They want to break the Constitution and the rights of a father over his children”, said. “My children are mine and no bureaucrat, no socialist, or any communist will come to say how I have to educate my children,” said the president of the PP, who described this situation as “extreme gravity.”

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