In recent days, it has transpired that Don Juan Carlos could have had a affair con Marlene Morreau in the past. However, the French actress denies that this happened and she believes that her physical resemblance to Corinna Larsen It is the reason why these rumors have arisen.

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“It will be because I look like Corinna, that they have told me, but no, I have not had any trouble with the king. The only thing is that he hugged me in the King’s Cup in Palma de Mallorca”, assured the socialite to the microphones of Europa Press.

In addition, he revealed how his conversation with the father of Philip VI at that moment: “I told him ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know how to bow, we in France have cut off the heads of kings. Then they removed the guillotine, I’m sorry, Your Majesty.’ a character”.

Who has told details of his special relationship with Doña Letizia’s father-in-law is Barbara Rey in his series, Christ and King: “He was very attractive, he was very good. I could sing that song by Julio Iglesias: ‘I’ve taken the best of your life'”. According to Sofía Cristo’s mother, the king “fell in love” with her when he saw her on television. He contacted her and the meetings began: “There was a time when we were seeing each other in a place that was full of CESID cameras and microphones. The chalet on Calle Sextante”, he detailed in Vanity Fair.