Mario Vargas Llosa He has finally spoken in more detail about his breakup with Isabella Preysler. The Peruvian writer, who has a very important appointment in Paris on February 9, has confessed that he became very much in love with the queen of hearts, although he has recognized that their lifestyles were very different, just as their environment slipped .

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“I was very much in love with Isabel. But let’s say, that world is not my world,” the Nobel Prize for Literature confessed this Saturday in an interview in The world.

About The windshe recounted that he published in 2021 with certain similarities to his life in Villa Meona, has assured: “It went completely unnoticed and now it is everywhere (…) Absurd and nonsensical messages. Never ever in my life would it have occurred to me to ridicule Isabel. At that time I got along very well with her. I don’t even remember when I wrote those episodes that have been published in the newspapers, even in France, in an article in The world!”.

In this sense, he has felt overwhelmed by media pressure: “At seven in the morning, when I was going out for a walk, the journalists were already at the door. At seven! Like a month. It’s been days now they’re not there. How wonderful.”

The author of The party of the goat He has been cautious when talking about Isabel, who went through the box on December 28 to announce their breakup. Tamara Falcó’s mother explained that the writer’s alleged unfounded jealousy triggered the beginning of the end. Vargas Llosa, on the other hand, has not entered the rag and has limited himself to saying that the world of the socialite was not his world. However, he has made it clear that he is not the love of his life. Nor is his ex-wife, Patricia Llosa, with whom rumors of reconciliation sound. It is Emma Bovary, the protagonist of Madame Bovary: “It’s true, it’s the pure truth.”

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On the other hand, the Peruvian has recalled one of the worst episodes they lived together, his contagion of Covid-19: “It was horrible. I was working and my legs began to shake. And I had something in my throat and I couldn’t breathe. Isabel called a doctor, and when he arrived I heard him say: “His fever is rising a lot. We have to take him to the clinic.”

He even feared for his life: “The wait was anguishing, I was drowning. They put me directly from the ambulance into a kind of tube where oxygen came out. Then I began to breathe. I think the most dramatic experience I have had has been that lack of oxygen. I had the impression that I was dying.”

After the unleashed media storm, he has not considered returning to his native country. In Madrid, where he lives in an apartment near the Royal Palace, he is comfortable: “No, I see it as very difficult at the moment. In Spain I feel at home.”