Mariló Montero undergoes vaginal rejuvenation at 58 years old

The ex of Carlos Herrera She is determined to fight against the social taboos that affect mature women and that is why she not only sponsored an event on menopause and vaginal rejuvenation this Monday but also confessed to having performed the treatment she advertises herself: “Our vagina is our skin and we have to take care of it”.

At 58 years old and mother of two children, Marilo Montero She claims to be living this stage of life very naturally and comfortably: “I’ve had menopause for several years and I haven’t noticed anything. I haven’t had hot flashes nor have I had any symptoms. I’m very lucky in that regard,” she said. affirmed. And she encourages women her age to follow her example: “It takes longer to take off and put on your clothes than the treatment itself. It doesn’t require any type of income.”

Mariló is, of course, not the only well-known face (nor the first) to resort to this technique to restore the good appearance of her genitals. The actress Loles Leon He already spoke about the treatment in 2021: “It costs about 1,500 euros and improves your sexual life, your emotional life and you feel active,” he said then. On the other side of the pond, Kim Kardashian also knows how this increasingly in-demand aesthetic touch-up works.