Mariló Montero and Risto Mejide, much more than chemistry: Not everything is a lie

few years have passed Marilo Montero y Risto Mejide. the ex of Carlos Herrera He has almost ten more than the Catalan but the journalist from Navarra is a flagship woman and the looks that the ex de Laura Scanes they raise comments inside and outside the set that they share. A month after his debut in Everything is a lie to replace maternity leave Martha Flichthe presenter returns smiles to the publicist and her fellow program members already speak of “very good vibes”.

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Mariló has plenty of body, seniority and presence to fill the central chair on set with quality or any other he wishes to occupy. She signed up entirely during Risto’s occasional loss, but the level of Rocío Crusset’s mother goes much further than that of a luxury substitute.

They tell us that the lizartarra enjoys with Risto, that he has taken the point and vice versa. They tell us that her eyes are fixed on each other and that they communicate beyond what the cameras capture. Mariló Montero is capable, as she has shown, of putting herself in charge of Everything is a lie and much more. With or without Risto Mejide. But next to the publicist she looks comfortable.

Marta Flich’s replacement made her debut as host of the Cuatro evening magazine with remarkable power and we wonder if she is the face of the new Mediaset, the one that would change the embarrassment of the image of a javier javier by another that marks the beginning of the post Paul Vasily. Mariló Montero is brave, has a lot of race and faces unexpected challenges with strength.

After Mediaset announced her signing and after her debut before the cameras of the Cuatro program, the journalist replaced her partner to direct the debates, the interventions of the rest of the participants and the interviews on current political issues from the set. Estella’s made an exhibition of professionalism and soon showed that she is integrated into the team and that she has plenty of tables to cope with the dizzying pace of the program.

Risto gets out of a complicated personal scenario as best he can after announcing his separation from Laura Escanes. Mariló Montero cannot fill her void, but the Navarrese makes Risto Mejide smile and many of her colleagues confirm that both have shown great chemistry in front of the cameras. Mediaset and outside of them.