Everyone has bad days. In college, some days just seem to get out of hand. For some students, these days are frequent and don’t get in their way much. But for others, it can be an ongoing struggle that holds them back from success.

Some may say that these “bad days” in students’ lives are linked to burnout, exhaustion, and lack of motivation. In these cases, the solution is pretty simple. When it happens to you, all you need to do is find someone to write my paper for me to get professional academic writers and cover all the bases. However, when tiredness has nothing to do with your underperformance, the roots of the problem might be much deeper.

According to numerous studies, a big cause of students’ poor performance is physical clutter. Science confirms that physical clutter at home or in a dorm room can provoke mental and emotional distress. It also restricts your ability to focus and process information and downs overall performance. Thus, in order to succeed academically, every student must keep the space around them clean and neat.

But how to do this if 100% of your time is busy with studies, you may wonder? In this article, we have gathered some of the best secrets for tidying up from the famous YouTube blogger and Netflix series star Marie Kondo.

Make a Commitment

Although Marie Kondo-style tidying is much smarter and more time-efficient, it still requires commitment. That is, you have to devote enough time to decluttering. Otherwise, you won’t get the task done.

Delegate your assignments to the best research writing services in order to have more time to commit to this matter. A bit of planning and organization will let you ensure that you don’t go at cleaning willy-nilly and will be productive instead.

Throw Everything in a Pile

The second secret of Marie Kondo-style tidying is even fun. She recommends you get everything out of your wardrobes, cupboards, and drawers and throw it in one pile. After you do this, you can completely declutter, reorganize, and put all your stuff back where it belongs.

The most important tip for this step is to empty everything by category. For example, when cleaning up your bedroom, start by getting your clothes out of your wardrobe. Then move on to your makeup drawers or study desk. 

This tactic has simple logic behind it. When you reorganize all items by category, you can see how much stuff is present in each category and will be able to thin it down. For example, when you have all your clothes in a pile, you can easily say which of them you will never wear because of the wrong size, color, or other reasons and which clothes are already in bad shape and need to be gotten rid of. At the same time, you will be able to see the gaps too. For example, if you lack some clothes, you will see them and stock up on the needed items.

Don’t Get Distracted

Marie Kondo assures her viewers that, at some point, they will definitely start feeling rather panicky by the size of their piles of clutter. That’s where it can be tempting to distract or switch to another category.

The secret to success is not to succumb to this temptation. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and get back to work. Having a specific plan and structure in this matter is crucial. So, once you get started on one category, be sure to complete it before doing anything else.

Only Keep Stuff That “Sparks Joy”

The biggest issue with clutter is that most of the stuff you store might not actually look like clutter to you. This goes for clothes that you never wear, food you never eat, and many other items that you keep “just in case,” and this method of cleaning has zero tolerance for such items.

The principle is simple. When you look at every item, ask yourself if you like it, if it brings you joy, or if you actually are going to use it. If not, bin it!

Group Different Categories

Attempting to organize their space, many people make it too complicated. They try to find a dedicated space for each specific category. But, eventually, their spaces become even more disorganized.

Marie Kondo offers a smarter solution. She suggests keeping all items of similar uses and sizes in the same place. This way, your belongings will never get lost.

Organize Stuff Based on the Frequency of Use

The next tip is super easy and obvious. Marie Kondo-style tidying implies placing the most frequently used items within easy reach. Respectively, infrequently used items should go to more difficult-to-reach areas. For example, as a student, you will likely want to have all your college stuff by hand, whereas other stuff can be stored elsewhere.

Shop for Clear Boxes

Most students have lots of personal belongings and not much space to store them. Due to this reason, many young people tend to keep a part of their stuff in boxes. This makes pretty good sense in terms of wise space organization and use. But Marie Kondo recommends you go further and use clear boxes instead of traditional ones.

By keeping infrequently used things in clear boxes, you will be able to find whatever you need with ease. You will always see what’s inside every box. This can really help you maintain tidiness and save time.

The Bottom Line

Marie Kondo is a recognized expert in the field of home cleaning and organization. Not without reason, she has millions of fans around the world. Thus, if you ever feel like you lack control over your space and like clutter makes you disorganized, this girl has a solution.

Use the secrets to effectively tidy up that we shared with you here. They will help you keep your space neat and well-organized. And, trust us, your mood and productivity will boost too!