María Zurita publishes a story dedicated to her son: “We are not a conventional family”

Maria Zurita Y Borbon not exactly your typical aristocrat who relaxes to enjoy the privileges of being a niece of Juan Carlos I. She already surprised us with her skills as a cook during her participation in Master Chef Celebrity.

In April, the daughter of the infanta margarita makes her debut as a writer, with her first book, My mom and I, published by Harper Collins, a story that the cousin of Philip VI dedicated to his son Carlitos. At the age of 41, María decided, in 2017, to be a single mother, through in vitro fertilization from an anonymous donor. A brave decision that was supported by her parents, Dr. Carlos Zurita and Doña Margarita, who on the other hand were looking forward to being grandparents. Her youngest son, Alfonso, is still single, and both he and María continue to live with their parents in the family apartment in the Salamanca neighborhood. The arrival of little Carlitos filled the whole family with joy.

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Carlitos is a miracle child, since the labor was precipitated and his birth, at six and a half months of gestation, almost cost the mother and child their lives, who spent time in the incubator of the La Paz hospital, until he gets by himself. María was indignant when it was published that the kings don Juan Carlos and Mrs. Sofia They disapproved of this solitary motherhood, especially the queen, when the reality was that she had all her help and support. Precisely Don Juan Carlos, he was the godfather of the little one and of course he attended the christening celebration of his great-nephew at the Puerta de Hierro Club in Madrid.

My mom and I It is an imaginary story but based on María’s own experience as a mother, who wanted to give a gift to this son whom she adores, as well as to another of her great loves, her dog Zeta. The mother explains to the child in the story that there are many types of families and that they are all great because the important thing is the love that unites them.

He also tells Carlos what his life was like before Zeta came into his existence and the child was born, and he tells him what life is like without a father, for example, when he arrives Father’s Day and the children at school tell him that it is no use having only a grandfather instead of a father.

Carlitos is very close to his grandfather, Dr. Carlos Zurita, with whom he tours Dr. Zurita’s extraordinary library, pointing out to him at the age of 6 where the history or art books are, according to the proud grandfather.

“Carlos and I are not a traditional family”

It is a delicious tale of only 32 pages, full of children’s illustrations. For María, a family like the one she has formed with her son is a different and valid model. “Carlos and I are not a traditional family, not only because I am a single mother, but because we live with my parents and my brother. We are, according to the new definitions, an extended family. In general terms, the story I am telling is fictitious, although of course Carlos and Zeta exist!”, explains the author.

“There has not been a problem at school, but Carlos has experienced some complicated situation when he has been asked about his father. I am not a psychologist or sociologist, nor do I intend to give advice or say how to do things, I am just a mother who, like most fathers and mothers, tries every day to do what is best for their children. By writing this story I have tried to give Carlos tools to manage those situations in which he may feel questioned by his family model. Yes to Someone else can help you with this story, I will be infinitely happy!” concludes the niece of Juan Carlos I.