The environment of the famous communicator, 81, is increasingly concerned. Her state of health does not improve after the last admission of Maria Teresa Campos due to anemia and people close to the mother of Terelu Campos y carmen borrego They assure that the subject is very serious: “She doesn’t want to eat and if you don’t hydrate the body fails. She’s very sick”.

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Her daughters, her grandchildren and her closest friends try to cheer her up without success: “She is very deteriorated, every week it gets worse. She does not speak and does not want to see anyone”they have said to okdiary. Something that her daughters already advanced a few days ago in Sálvame: “My mother has not wanted to see anyone for a long time. We are not her daughters who isolate her. I have never been against anyone going to my mother’s house, who It makes my mom happy, it makes the whole family happy.”

According to people close to her, Terelu and Carmen visit their mother on weekends and it is Gustavo, her right hand and whom María Teresa considers as a son, who takes care of her and accompanies her from Monday to Friday. However, not even he manages to convince her to take a drive through Madrid, something they did every day until just three months ago. The “driver” is now a key figure in the life of the communicator and that is why the two sisters try to mitigate the controversy of recent days: that Gustavo has secretly recorded Carmen and that she belongs to a chat, along with Kiko Hernández and Belén Ro, whose sole purpose is to make fun of the little girl from Las Campos.