María Teresa Campos pleads for peace between her daughter, Carmen Borrego, and her grandson

His Christmas dreams have gone to hell. Maria Teresa Campos suffers in silence for the estrangement of his daughter carmen borrego and his grandson Jose Maria, who have not spoken to each other for three months. The matriarch had planned to bring together her closest relatives at Christmas Eve dinner, but disagreements will prevent it, unless a reconciliation occurs in a few days.

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The veteran journalist pleads with both parties to open up to dialogue and fix their problems, but the gap between Carmen Borrego and her daughter-in-law Paola he has become an abyss, and his son is clearly positioned next to his wife, who is pregnant.

Las Campos fears that this schism will prevent María Teresa and her two daughters from meeting the baby that is on the way. If the situation continues as bad as it is now, it is very likely that the above will become a harsh reality. And the future great-grandmother hurts in the soul such a possibility. In addition, between Carmen Borrego and her mother-in-law, they tell us, there has never been a friendly relationship, they have barely seen each other and at the wedding of her children, they said, they did not even speak a word.

On the contrary, José María does maintain an excellent concord with his father, whom he usually sees with a certain frequency. It must be remembered that between Carmen and her ex-husband there is not the slightest contact. Her marriage ended badly and they don’t speak.