The failed engagement scandal Tamara Falco e Inigo Onieva keep talking. Many familiar faces have spoken, including the influencer Mary Pombowhich ensures that at some point “I knew it was going to happen”.

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“I don’t want to get involved either, but in the end I know it’s something that was going to happen. I’ve been from Madrid all my life and well things are known well,” said the woman from Paul Castellanos at a Dior event this Wednesday, September 28.

“There were rumours,” says Pombo. “But as she (Tamara) says, you never know if they are true or not. I always say that if the river sounds, it carries water and I think she has done very well, that she is a woman from head to toe and that she has spent on time. Now it hurts, but it would have hurt much more later,” he added.

It was last Friday, September 23, when everything was blown up in the life of the daughter of Isabel Preysler after a video came to light in which Onieva kissed passionately with a girl who was not the Marchioness of Griñón, two weeks before announcing their engagement. Now, there is no wedding (or exclusive). “Going back with him is impossible”Tamara said in her first comeback after the scandal.