The actress has starred in one of the news of the weekend. Mary Leon She was arrested on Friday in Seville for allegedly assaulting a police officer. After passing through the dungeon and being released on parole, the sister of Paco Leon He wanted to clarify what happened and give his version of the facts: “I deny having assaulted anyone.”

the protagonist of the sleeping voice explains in a statement: “It is not my intention to call into question the necessary work that the State security forces and bodies do in our country, but I do have to report that I have been the victim of police abuse by some local police officers in Seville”, he wrote. “The case is in the hands of my lawyers and from this moment I put all my trust in justice.”

María has lived through 48 “truly difficult” hours, as she herself reports. He did not want to give details of what happened in the Seville capital but, according to some media reports, the interpreter was walking down the street with some friends when he saw a patrol trying to stop a man who was riding a bicycle while drunk. endangering other drivers. The group reproached the agents for her actions and María set out to record what was happening with her cell phone. One of the police officers asked for her identification but the actress was not carrying it on top of her, so she was ‘invited’ to get into the police car and go to the premises. Supposedly, María resisted and punched and kicked one of the agents.

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Once at the police station, León suffered an anxiety attack for which she had to be transferred to a hospital, according to ABC. After spending the night in custody, a speedy trial was held, her right not to testify was accepted and she was released with charges. María will be investigated for an alleged crime of attack against authority.