María José Suárez reveals how she is dealing with the breakup while Escassi becomes inseparable from Hiba Abouk

Maria Jose Suarez confirmed his breakup with Alvaro Muñoz Escassi Last Thursday in the purest Maria Jimenez style: “It’s over“, wrote the model on her social networks. Several days after announcing her separation from the jockey, María José has reappeared on social networks and has revealed how she is doing in these delicate moments.

Calm, serene, with a clear conscience and a full soul. Thank you for so many private comments that you have sent me privately, I am still reading them. I read you all.“, the winner of the Miss Spain pageant stated a couple of hours ago on her Instagram profile.

This message from Suárez has coincided with the appearance of Escassi at the ‘El Turronero’ party, where, as this digital has exclusively advanced, the rider was inseparable with Hiba Abouk. Escassi helped the actress with her luggage and they enjoyed the massive event together. Their complicity is so great that they both already follow each other on social networks.

Rumors of a breakup between María José and Escassi surfaced when they stopped following each other on Instagram. But they blamed it on a mistake. Then, on June 5, the model explained in Hello!: “It is true that Álvaro and I have not seen each other for two weeks and rumors have arisen, but the truth is that It was a time that I asked for from Álvaro because I needed to spend more time with my son.. We both have a pace of work and travel that makes it difficult for me to spend the time I want with my son, who is only six years old, and At that point of being able to reconcile everything I find myself“. A few days later, they began to brag on Instagram about a cruise they had embarked on with her son and two friends.

This is how things were told in It’s Federico’s MorningFeliciano López’s ex and the hummingbird rider had already broken up when they embarked on the famous cruise, but they had to do it because it was a collaboration.