María José Suárez plans to sue Escassi and sits down on ‘De Viernes’ to tell everything

New chapter in the soap opera of the summer. This Friday, seven days after the Alvaro Muñoz Escassi talk about his “open relationship” with Maria Jose Suarez and an alleged extortion by a ‘trans’ lover, the model sits on the same sofa to deny, one by one, all the words of the rider. The former Miss Spain 1996 is very angry, so much so that she already He and his team of lawyers are preparing a lawsuit against their ex for an attack on their honour.

And not only that: according to Jorge Borrajo, director of the magazine WeekMaria Jose Suarez could also sue Escassi for the existence of alleged compromising documents of the couple that he would have shared, without their consent, with third parties. For example, with Valerín, the ‘trans’ lover who wrote the email bomb that triggered the couple’s breakup. This is also explained by TardeAR:”María José is afraid that some very compromising videos will be published. These are personal files that are on this person’s phone. In the famous email, Valerín told María José: ‘I have seen a video that could affect you.”

Suárez will talk about this and other things in the next installment of the From Fridaywhich has heated up with few but sharp statements in recent days: “What a bad guy, I’m freaking out about all this. I don’t want to see him even in a painting”says this Wednesday in the magazine Ten minutes.

Of course, she’s not doing it for free. Neither did Escassi, although he didn’t sign so many zeros on the check: María José Suárez will charge around 100,000 euros for giving her ex a reply, information confirmed by this digital outlet. We are told that she is suffering terribly and wants to make money off of it.

Alvaro assured on the set of Bea Archidona and Santi Acosta that the model and he, who have been together for three years, had an open relationship and that they have experienced many ups and downs in their love story during this time. This is something that has greatly bothered the ex of Feliciano Lopez: “She is not willing to let people think that she is a spoiled brat and that she also had other things going on with Álvaro, because that is not the case. And she also does it for her family: her son, her mother and her sisters, who treated Álvaro like one of them.”