María José Suárez is devastated, much thinner and absent: her entourage speaks out

Alvaro Muñoz Escassi gave an interview last weekend to talk about his relationship with Maria Jose Suarezwho, for her part, remains silent. The model is spending these days in Coria del Río, her hometown, and refuses to respond to the press about the infidelities that the jockey committed at her expense. There are those who claim that she reserves her statements for some magazine, while others think that the Miss feels exhausted. The trickle of information about her ex’s lies is incessant and, of course, very painful for her.

Her entourage confirms that the model is not going through a good time, as her breakup with Escassi has led to a media uproar full of new revealing and disappointing details for the Andalusian. The Sevillian admits his infidelities and says they had “an open relationship”She, however, says that this is not true. Their relationship was monogamous and closed.

“She is devastated, devastated and has lost a lot of weight from all the grief.”his relatives have declared We’ll seea program in which journalist Nuria Chavero has brought the audience closer to the state of mind that the model is currently experiencing.

“He didn’t see Escassi’s interview in It’s Friday! They tell me that when she received that email (the one sent to her by Valerie, the rider’s lover) she tried to keep the information between the girl, Alvaro and her so that prevent this from reaching his son’s earswho is only six years old,” he added.

Fortunately, the Sevillian finds in her family and friends the support she needs. They defend her tooth and nail. “Her circle tells me that She wants to make it clear that she did not have an open relationship.that in these three years she has not let anyone get involved in the relationship and that she was unaware of the sexual tastes that Álvaro Muñoz Escassi says that everyone around him knows,” the program’s collaborator concluded.