María José Suárez and the real reason for her breakup with Escassi: “Wild things happened”

Three years of courtship and an unexpected ending. One, furthermore, that has not been as friendly as they want us to see. According to Alvaro Muñoz Escassi, Maria Jose Suarez She is “one of the most important people” in his life, he loves her, admires her and respects her, but we already know that the rider has love for everyone: “He has danced on other tracks”they say.

And not only that. Apparently, Escassi would have made a big deal of it: “Escassi not only danced on other floors, but on one of those floors he went to dance, the floor was already occupied by another famous person. So that complicated the story a little”This is what Alonso Caparrós told this Friday in Public mirror. And he has revealed that this information not only reached him but also other colleagues with whom he discussed it: “We were wondering how long it was going to take for this to happen, because this information had already reached us. “What we got was not that they were a free couple, but that wild things had happened.”

His partner, Gema López, added: “Apart from this possible disloyalty, I think there is one thing, which is disillusionment. They all think they can change Álvaro and Álvaro has a way of being that is like that. I know that many women in his life have tried to help him in the kind of life he led, they have been involved in that help, and they have ended up really scalded.” Now, they say, the jockey is sorry for what happened and very sad about the breakup with María José Suárez: “He is his own worst enemy, because then he is a lovely guy, but he was out of control.”

From Mornings, Pepa Jiménez commented that they had overcome a major crisis and that the cruise, in addition to being a publicity commitment, was the last bullet in the cartridge of reconciliation. It worked. They approached positions. But already in Madrid, everything blew up: “When she returned from the cruise, she discovered something. Something happened on Saturday and they broke up with no chance of reconciliation.”