The widow of Jaime Ostos, who died in January 2022, has sold the chalet in which she lived with the bullfighter and where Jacobo, the bullfighter’s son, also resided.

María Ángeles Grajal, who has taken a year to close the operation since she put the property up for sale, has found a buyer. It is a wealthy Spanish businessman, who has acquired it for some of his children. In the advertisement on the real estate portal where the home was offered, this house, located in the town of Villaviciosa de Odón, was valued at 850,000 euros.

This week, Dr. Grajal will move into her new home, an apartment in La Moraleja, so she will be able to be very close to her son Jacobo Ostos.

Almost two years after the bullfighter’s death, during a Christmas vacation in Colombia, his children continue to fight over their father’s inheritance, although in reality what they are fighting for are the belongings, personal objects of the unforgettable matador and some paintings.

Jaime Ostos first had two children, Jaime and Gabriela, born from his first marriage with Consuelo Alcalá. Out of wedlock, Gisela was later born, whom he recognized as the years went by. Jacobo Ostos Grajal, is the last and the closest to his father in recent years, since he lived with the couple in the house that his mother just sold.

But relations between Jaime junior, the eldest son, and his brother Jacobo, have seriously deteriorated in recent weeks, when the eldest son has publicly hinted that Jacobo might not be his brother, as he doubts that he is his father’s son, and may require a DNA test to prove that they do not come from the same parent.

A statement that has provoked the astonishment of Dr. Grajal, a calm person and enemy of confrontations, but that has outraged her son, ready to sue his stepbrother.

At the funeral held in Madrid after the bullfighter’s death, there seemed to be a certain harmony between the widow and the children, although Jaime Jr. could not arrive on time due to problems with his flight from the United States, where he resides. Shortly after, in the tribute that was paid to Jaime Ostos in Écija, his hometown, the distance between his relatives became evident, which now could end up in court.