“Harpy”. This is how it has been addressed Jaime Ostos Jr. to his father’s widow, María Ángeles Grajal, with which he maintains an open war when two years are about to pass since the death of the remembered bullfighter.

Jaime Ostos He died on January 8, 2022, but his inheritance remains undistributed and his children Jaime and Gabriela, the result of his marriage to Consuelo Alcalá, and Gisela, from an extramarital relationship with Aurora Díaz, accuse his widow of having kept everything.

This portal announced last Tuesday, September 26, that it has sold the family mansion in the Madrid town of Villaviciosa de Odón but the money from the sale will not be shared with Jaime’s children. Because the house was in his name and not the bullfighter’s. For this reason, Jaime Jr. claims the legitimate right that corresponds to him and his brothers, since his father died without a will.

Furthermore, according to his version, Grajal once told him and his sisters to go to his residence and take whatever they wanted from their father, but when they got there there was absolutely nothing of value left. Something that the doctor denies, suggesting that she is going to take legal measures against Jaime Jr.

An open war that, however, has not made Mari Ángeles lose her smile. And after the complicit images of her with José Gandía at the last April Fair, the doctor is seen again with the businessman José Gandía, with whom she has regained her enthusiasm after the death of the right-hander, just as we said ago days.

With the businessman he has just enjoyed a weekend in Seville, in which he has managed to forget about his confrontation with Ostos’ children. On Friday the doctor and her boyfriend went to La Maestranza to enjoy the Morante de la Puebla bullfight. A plan that they repeated on Sunday, attending El Juli’s farewell to the bullrings in the Andalusian city.

In the Maestranza with El Juli

“I loved it because I found it to be a very spicy bullfight, with complicated bulls, with difficult bulls for three figures of bullfighting like there have been. I met Juli when he was 11 years old bullfighting in El Escorial. He is a master. He has gone out to gayola door to receive the bull as if it were a bullfighter asking for an opportunity. That is a testament that he leaves there of wonderful bullfighting for everyone. Jaime would have loved this bullfight. And I have been privileged,” noted the doctor, with her husband always in memory.

A weekend to which Grajal and Gandía put the finishing touch by having dinner in the company of a friend in a well-known restaurant from which they left smiling although keeping their distance from the cameras.

Mari Ángeles admits that she is very happy and has made it clear that she does not want to know anything about Ostos’ children, whom she prefers not to talk about to feed a tension that has been increasing in recent days: “Anything that involves talking about medicine or bullfighting, yes. The rest, not at all,” he concluded.