at the death of Jaime Ostos, In January 2022, when he was enjoying a vacation in Colombia, his widow, Dr. Maria Angeles Grajal, decided to put the chalet where the couple and their son lived for sale Jacob Ostos, installed in the apartment on the lower floor.

The house, located in Villaviciosa de Odón, has almost 500 square meters, a large porch, swimming pool and the plot that surrounds it measures 1,300 square meters. Fourteen months have passed since the death of the bullfighter at the age of 90, and the residence has not yet been sold. The singer has been interested in her Rose Lopez, star of the first edition of Operación Triunfo and chosen to represent Spain that year in Eurovision. Someone has gone to visit the house on her behalf, but in the end, she did not make a concrete proposal.

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The last possible buyer (there is some other offer) is a Chinese businessman who would be willing to pay the 850,000 euros, with a negotiable discount, requested by the mother and son, its current owners. Maria Angeles Grajal, 69 years old, believes that the operation could be closed in a month. Later, she would settle in an apartment in the heart of Madrid, to live a new experience as an urban Madrilenian. The specialist in Pneumology spends a consultation every day at a clinic in the Madrid neighborhood of Argüelles.

The problem is where to put all trophies, awards and personal mementos that the right-handed man treasured and that fill rooms and halls. He doesn’t want to part with what represents years of bullfighting and marriage, as well as important furniture and antiques, and at the same time, he wants his new house to be simple and easy to live in. -Dr. Grajal assures that she still misses her husband very much and has little social life, except for some bullfights, but this week she has gone to a night party, encouraged by her son Jacobo, who has accompanied her. In April, she will be back in the Sevilla’s fair, where she always enjoyed La Maestranza and the booths with her husband.

Grajal and Ostos were together from 1987 until the death of the matador in Bogotá. As a result of their union, their son Jacobo was born. The bullfighter was previously married to consuelo alcala (1960-1969), with whom he had his children Jaime y Gabriela. The Astigitano had another daughter, Gisella Ostos Díaz, the result of the bullfighter’s extramarital affair with Aurora Diaz Cano.

In addition to his two marriages and many romances, the bullfighter lived a famous, long, protracted, and passionate romance with Lita Trujillo, the Hollywood actress of Israeli origin, widow of Ramfis Trujilloson of the bloodthirsty Dominican dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo (the one portrayed by Vargas Llosa in La fiesta del chivo), and mother of the late Ramsés Trujillo and Ricky.