Since last spring, Maria Angeles Grajal maintains a relationship that goes far beyond friendship with the businessman Jose Gandia, intimate of the doctor’s husband, Jaime Ostos, He died on January 8, 2022 after suffering a heart attack in Colombia, where he was with his wife, enjoying a few days of rest.

More than a year had passed since the Astigitano bullfighter left at the age of 90 when Grajal She began to open herself to the world and try to overcome the loss of the man of her life. Towards the month of May, the comfort and affection that José Gandía gave her began to turn into caresses from man to woman, not just a friend, as she had always been.

José Gandía was again with María Ángeles Grajal in Seville, on the 21st, at the Escaparate Awards. The businessman and Ostos’ widow no longer hide in public and although she did not pose with her companion at the Photocall, her complicity was evident, and the news we receive confirms that they spend a lot of time together.

María Ángeles reorganizes her life little by little in every sense. Last Tuesday we previewed who had sold the Madrid chalet where she lived with her husband and son (although in the Sonsoles Ónega program they insist on attributing the news to other media). We already said that Grajal has moved to another house near his son’s, in the La Moraleja area, although it is common to see him in Seville, where Gandía resides.

We can assure you that José Gandía is the person with whom Grajal has rebuilt his life after the bullfighter’s death. It’s not that they live together, but they are each other’s support. Already at the last Seville Fair, the millionaire and the doctor were photographed together in a very close attitude, but then Ostos’s widow, who never married the bullfighter in the Church, as she said, insisted on denying the romance, perhaps because she was not clear about her feelings a year and a half after losing her husband. But on this occasion they did not hide her complicity and at the Escaparate awards they gave free rein to their gazes and let those present be aware that the old friendship that united them is now much more.

Who is José Gandía?

He is a wealthy Valencian businessman, from a good family and with a high social status. He comes from a wealthy family. Nine years older than his girlfriend, he was born in 1945 in Tabernes de Valldigna, but his parents moved to Marseille and then to Morocco. Gandía studied at the same Swiss boarding school as Don Juan Carlos and later he studied economics and finance in Paris.

After the death of his father, José Gandía went to live in Seville, where he has a fruit production and export company called SAT Royal. María Ángeles Grajal’s boyfriend resides in the heart of the Andalusian capital. On the banks of the Guadalquivir he owns a 16th century mansion which belonged to the Mint.

A long-time friend of the Ostos couple, José Gandía has been married three times. The result of his last marriage, with Macarena, which lasted 20 years, they are his two children. He ended up getting divorced a long time ago and since then he has had several relationships but none of them worked out. Perhaps it is his friend Dr. Grajal who becomes his ultimate love. At the moment, they are trying.