The family war over the inheritance of the bullfighter, who died in January 2022 during a vacation in Bogotá, has uncovered a lie that Mari Ángeles Grajal had maintained for the last eight years: he never married in the church with Jaime Ostos. The person in charge of bringing it to light has been Jaime Ostos Jr., the bullfighter’s first-born son, who claimed not to have found any ecclesiastical records of an alleged marriage that his father and stepmother announced in 2015. This Friday, the bullfighter’s widow surrendered. to the evidence and has confessed his deception: “There was a piece of paper missing that a family member had to bring and we couldn’t get it done.”

Some statements that have been collected in And now Sonsoles and that have surprised a lot but do not change the situation: Mari Ángeles Grajal and Jaime Ostos married civilly on March 6, 1987 in El Escorial, so the law recognizes her as the widow of the matador.

The war has broken out following the sale of the house in Villaviciosa de Odón where Jaime Ostos and Mari Ángeles Grajal lived in recent years, a transaction for which the doctor has pocketed 650,000 euros. The eldest sons of the right-hander claim the legitimate share, but his brother Jacob He has made it clear: “The house is in my mother’s name and has been from minute one. Whatever I earn belongs only to her.” And he added: “When there is an inheritance everyone wants to get it, but here they have nothing to do.”

Jaime assured this Thursday that his stepmother is “a harpy” and that they found the Villaviciosa house empty when they went to collect his father’s personal belongings. His brother denies it: “They came with a truck and took everything they wanted. There were never suits or capes here, all of that was in Seville.”

Mari Ángeles, for her part, is very hurt by everything that happened and does not rule out taking legal measures: “I am not going to comment on anything here, I will do it at a police station,” she said this Thursday at an event in Las Ventas.