Cholo Simeone has something that makes him unique. Beyond the titles, which is also their ability to get the most out of their players. Marcos Llorente, the LaLiga player, is the latest example. But before, so were others. For example Antoine Griezmann, who next to the Argentine coach touched the table of Cristiano and Messi, and was on the podium of the Ballon d'Or in 2018. For example, Lucas Hernández. For example, Thomas Partey. For example, Arda Turan. Many of them have not returned to shine as they did at Atlético, with Cholo.

Lo de Marcos Llorente is the story of the Cinderella taken to football. He arrived with a star vitola, the most expensive signing of the summer of 2019, who in the second preseason game saw a red that filled his game with ghosts and fears. He disappeared from the eleven, from the team. But then the float arrived in Liverpool. He got on it and has not gotten off yet. To the happiness of the Atlético fans, who chose him as the best Atlético footballer in a poll of A season and some numbers that have led Llorente to the National Team and to a European Championship. It is your challenge. Let the momentum of the float not stop.

The fate of João

But not only from Llorente has Simeone managed to get his best numbers this champion season, he has also done it from Carrasco. In the last games he brought him closer to the area and the Belgian was decisive. Another wonder of the Chol Laboratoryor. Like the always absolute trust in Correa. This season the '10' has shown why. And what about Koke. It is cholismo. The history of one and the other cannot be read separately. Now, the challenge is called João Félix.

Simeone himself recognized it in an interview on ESPN Argentina: “As a coach I get confused when I can't get the best out of him.” It is his great challenge for the 2021-22 season. Make João a Llorente, a Griezmann, get the best of all that talent that two years ago cost the club 120 million. He will pursue it with Argentine passion, German rigor and all his test tubes.

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