Atlético clings to their strength as a group and to Marcos Llorente to try to win Barça. Simeone has managed to involve everyone in the return to competition. And if there is a figure at Atlético right now, it is Llorente. The man from Madrid arrives at the Camp Nou in a star plan. His appearance in these league games has been incredible. Anfield was a before and after for this player for which Atlético paid 40 million to Real Madrid. The goals against the European champion have catapulted him into a situation hitherto unknown to the player, reconverted by Cholo as a forward.

Morata is in fairly low shape and Cholo did not hesitate to place Llorente at the leading edge. And has responded, either leaving the starter, as against Levante, or from the bench, as against Alavés. Against Levante he starred in the 0-1 play and against the Vitorian team he was a participant in the two actions that led to Atlético's goals. Now he visits the Camp Nou and his speed can be lethal. Cholo has a luxury forward (João Félix, Morata, Diego Costa, Correa and now Llorente). They all usually play because Cholo is rotating them and it will be necessary to see the pair of starting strikers at the Camp Nou. Even Simeone could put him on the right wheel to take advantage of his top speed.

Athletic Shield / Flag

Marcos Llorente has played 29 games: 23 in LaLiga, three in the Champions League, two in the Super Cup and one in the Cup. He has scored four goals and has given four assists. It always seems to create danger. And it suffocates the rival in his ball out, a priceless job.

At 25 years old, Marcos Llorente is one of Atlético's big bets for next season. The player signed until June 30, 2024, so he will still have four more years of rojiblanco. No one knows what will happen to Thomas, although at the club they suspect that his intention is to leave. Herrera and Llorente would be their natural substitutes. The most positive thing for Marcos Llorente is that he has shown Cholo that he can play in various positions: in the double pivot, per side and at the tip. And Simeone appreciates it.


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