The final moments of the duel last night at the Martínez Valero left us with the expulsion of Marcelo for an entry where he prevented an obvious scoring opportunity that was punished by a direct red card by Figueroa Vázquez. Decision that was protested by the Brazilian and that the referee collected in the arbitration record:

“In the 102nd minute, the player (12) Vieira Da Silva Junior, Marcelo, was sent off for the following reason: Knocking down an opponent and thus preventing an obvious goal scoring opportunity. Once sent off, he addressed me in the following terms: “You’re so bad”.

In the absence of knowing the decision of the Competition Committee, which should be known this Friday, the Brazilian is exposed to two or three suspension games. A meeting is certain by the expulsion itself. Now the key is to know how the disciplinary body will consider the Brazilian’s reaction to the Andalusian referee.

If he interprets it as a clear contempt of the side to the arbitration figure, then he is exposed to a minimum of two more games according to article 117 of the Disciplinary Code and which says the following: “Address the referees, managers or sports authorities in terms or with attitudes of contempt or disregard as long as the action does not constitute a more serious offense, it will be sanctioned with a suspension of two to three games or for a period of up to one month.” Being the first time, and not having a record, it is normal for it to be a minimum of two matches which, added to the other match for the expulsion, would mean three sanction matches. In this case, Marcelo would miss the next two league games against Elche and Granada, as well as the Copa del Rey quarter-final match.

But there is a possibility that the Madrid side’s reaction will be considered as conduct contrary to sporting order. This would place us in article 122, which textually states that “Those whose conduct is contrary to good sporting order will incur a suspension of up to four games or a fine of up to 602 euros when it is classified as minor”. And in case of applying this article, since there is no precedent, the Brazilian would be punished with the minimum punishment. This implies that it would be only one match that, added to the expulsion, would imply a total of two games outside the pitch. In this case, Marcelo would not be in the League against Elche and the quarterfinal duel. In both cases, whether it be three or two matches, they are light sanctions that begin to be fulfilled from the moment they are imposed.

This is also stated by the federative disciplinary body: “The suspension by matches that is a consequence of the commission of minor infractions, will imply the prohibition of lining up, accessing the field of play, the bench and the locker room area, in as many those as covers the sanction in the order in which they take place, even if due to alteration of the calendar, postponement, repetition, suspension or any other circumstance, the pre-established one at the beginning of the competition would have varied, in the matches of the same competition in which said infraction was committed . The same competition is understood as that which corresponds to the same category and division, including, if any, both”.

Six fewer players in the Cup quarterfinals

In addition to Marcelo’s certain absence, whatever the sanction, there are another five players who will not be able to play this Cup quarter-final tie scheduled for February 2 and 3 right now. These are also Brazilians Militao, Casemiro, Rodrygo and Vinicius who have been called up by Brazil for the two qualifying matches for the Canarinha team. And whose last match they have on February 1, one day before the butler duel. Real Madrid is negotiating with the CBF to release one of them, given that the Brazilian team is already clarified. Valverde is in the same situation with Uruguay.

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