Marcelo he finally travels to London today with the rest of the Real Madrid expedition. The Brazilian can do it thanks to the help of a volunteer who offered to stay for him at the polling station. And it is that even though it had been said that Marcelo, The first substitute as a member at a polling station, he left because the incumbent had arrived, the truth is that it was not like that. The starter did not arrive and Marcelo had to stay at the table all day.

However, the Sixth assured that thanks to an older woman who was the second substitutee, Marcelo he was able to leave and travel to London. La Sexta, citing PP sources, explained that this older woman offered to replace Marcelo, who in this way was able to travel with his companions to London.

Without that help, Marcelo dHe should have stayed in Madrid fulfilling his electoral obligations and travel to London tomorrow.


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