Injuries, COVID … and now the regional elections in Madrid add to the multiple setbacks that Zinedine Zidane has had this season to make his team. One of the players who started in the first leg against Chelsea will have to find a formula to be in the second leg at Stamford Bridge. Marcelo has been summoned to be a member of a polling station in the elections to the Madrid Assembly that take place next Tuesday, May 4, one day before the return of the semifinals in London. The compromise may prevent the Hispanic-Brazilian, who obtained Spanish nationality in 2011, from traveling with the rest of the expedition to the United Kingdom and having to find a formula to join the same match day or, at the earliest, at dawn on Tuesday to Wednesday. The club is studying all the possibilities so that Marcelo can be in the game.

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In the event that Madrid's resources do not prosper to free it from the electoral commitment, Marcelo has to appear for the constitution of the polling station on the 4th at 08:00 in the morning and must remain in his position until the end of the counting of the votes of that table. The rare fact that only one elections are held (the regional elections usually coincide with the municipal ones; and the general ones are actually two votes, one for Congress and the other for the Senate, with both ballot boxes and counts) will mean that the scrutiny will not be prolonged too much. The fastest tables can end election day relatively early, even before 9:30 p.m.

The length of the recount will depend on the number of votes cast at the table, the volume of vote-by-mail to be processed, and the effective time at which the last voter casts their vote.. Although polling stations close at eight o'clock in the afternoon, the table cannot be closed until all the people inside have voted, and it should be remembered that the vote will take place on a working day, so many citizens can go to last minute to exercise your right to vote.

Comparison of the performance of Marcelo and Mendy this season.

Failure to go to the polling station without just cause faces a prison sentence of three months to one year or a fine of six to 24 months.

Marcelo started last night in the first leg in the absence of Mendy, who has been out for twelve days due to an overload in the soleus of his left leg that occurred before the game against Getafe. The Frenchman, who in principle should be available for the return leg, has missed the game against Azulones, Cádiz, Betis and the first leg against Chelsea. Marcelo has started in all of them except against the Verdiblancos, who Zidane chose to align Nacho in that position.

The possibility of recourse

The Organic Law of the General Electoral Regime (LOREG), in its article 27, contemplates that the appointments to be part of the polling station allege “justified and documented cause that prevents them from accepting the position”, but does not specify what those situations are.. Yes, Instruction 6/2011 of the Electoral Board does, which lists four professional causes to be able to excuse oneself from being at the table:

1st Those who, during the voting day, must render their services to the Electoral Boards, the Courts and the Public Administrations entrusted with electoral functions. In these cases, the accreditation will consist of the report of the heads of the respective bodies where the difficulties to replace the interested party on election day will be detailed. Notaries who must perform the functions provided for in article 91.5 LOREG on election day are understood to be included in this case.

2nd Who must provide essential services during election day of the vitally important community, such as those of a medical, health, civil protection, firefighters, etc. In these cases, the justification will consist of a report issued by the person in charge of the service, which will detail the reasons that prevent or make it particularly difficult to replace the person concerned during election day.

3rd The Directors of the general information communication media and the Heads of the Information Services that they must cover the electoral day.

4th Professionals who must participate in public events to be held on voting day, which are scheduled prior to the electoral call, when the interested party cannot be replaced and the non-participation of the same forces to suspend the event, producing relevant economic damages. These circumstances must be documented.

If you do not go to the polling station without justified reason, you face a prison sentence of three months to one year or a fine of six to 24 months.

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