They clung to Espanyol to its termination clause of 40 million euros, when just a year ago the offer of a real Bayern Munich, by Marc Roca. The club understood that the midfielder, who had just led the Spanish Under-21 team until reaching the European championship, could not be unsold, he could still contribute a lot to the parakeet and, at 22 years old, he would only increase in value. The scenery has changed radically 12 months later.

Now Marc Roca, which changed representatives at the start of the pandemic to an international agency, Promoesport, has entered in a kind of auction. In recent months it has been offered to entities toes like him Arsenal has sounded strong for Everton. Even has been linked with the Real Madrid. And this Friday, Graziano Battistini and Sebastiano Salalori, delegate agents in Italy, took advantage of a meeting with Milan in which they had to negotiate for Emerson Royal, the lateral property of Barcelona, to put on the table the name of the Espanyol midfielder.

Spanish Shield / Flag

Shield / Flag Milan

Far from bothering, these movements do not displease in the blue and white club. No one escapes the need to close any sale this summer, if possible, to balance the budget and the wage bill next season, which will drop by half as a result of relegation to the Second Division. AND Rock, whenever an offer comes with face and eyes, it contains all ingredients for become the ideal transfer.

The one from La Granada is young, with a huge potential to be able to demand a significant amount from him, he has two years left on his contract, reason why the buying club cannot press a Espanyol forced to sell it now, and most importantly: He is a youth squad. That means that the income from an output would be net for the coffins of the parrot entity because does not have to cover any amortization.

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Marc Roca dissipated after his extraordinary European Under-21 with the Selection.

On paper, it is a 'win win' for all parties, with the exception that at the RCDE Stadium a waste of talent would be lost, to the footballer who recovered the number '21' that it had not been used since the disappearance of the eternal captain, Dani Jarque and another of the symbols of the baptized as 'Chen Generation'.

And, despite the fact that his performance was not last season at the height of expectations, it was essential for the four coaches who passed through Espanyol, since participated in 44 official matches. A difficult part to replace. But a sale difficult to match.


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