Diego Armando Maradona you are close to renewing your contract with Gymnastics and Fencing. According to the Argentine press, the negotiations are advanced so that Pel El Pelusa ’will extend their bond for another 18 months. The renewal announcement could be this Wednesday, June 3, coinciding with the 133 anniversary of the founding of the La Plata club.

The president and vice president of Gymnastics, Gabriel Pellegrino and Jorge Reinarespectively held a virtual meeting with the businessman Cristian Bragarnik, which is dedicated exclusively to the contractual part of Diego. In this sense, the offer of the club from La Plata is to extend the Maradona contract, which ends on August 31, until December 2021.

The economic point is that the crisis derived from the coronavirus pandemic, beyond that Maradona made the salary cut available so that the club can meet its obligations, it will change the future outlook. Also, one of the main concerns of the ‘Diez’, 59, is keep most of the template, although there will be no declines until 2022 in the Argentine First Division.

The decision of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) to end the season and cancel the declines in the next two years has been a great joy and relief for Gymnastics and Fencing of La Plata and his coach Diego Armando Maradona, who have achieved, even in the offices, the permanence they had been fighting for in recent months.

Gymnastics held downhill positions based on the average of points achieved in the last three seasons and he had ten days left of the Super League Cup (Only one had been disputed when it was suspended by the coronavirus pandemic) to avoid the abyss.

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