“Mar Flores found out about the pregnancy at one in the afternoon the day before the exclusive”

“First I told a couple of friends. When we saw that the pregnancy was going well, I told my parents. It was about two weeks ago or a little more, almost at the same time. It happened that I saw my father first and, immediately after, my mother,” said Carlo Costanzia (31) in his exclusive checkout.

However, as Chelo García-Cortés said this Thursday in It’s not like we were Shhh, the pieces don’t fit. The journalist contacted the future grandmother to congratulate her and this is what happened: “Mar Flores confessed to me that she found out about the news of Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy at one in the afternoon the day before the exclusive”. Chelo has explained that Flores later edited the message, until it left it like this: “He reduced it to ‘Thank you Chelo’.”

Chelo’s information contradicts what Carlo himself gave, since in Hello – as we have gathered – he said that he told him “about two weeks ago or a little more.” About his mother, he also said: “She was a little more shocked, but she took it very well. She was super happy and told us that she was going to support us in anything. It went very well, honestly. Better than I I was hoping (laughs).”

Be that as it may, Mar Flores herself has already reacted in public to the pregnancy of her son – who is still serving a sentence for a crime of fraud – and Terelu Campos’ daughter. “Intense day. Thank you for your congratulations,” she wrote this Wednesday on Instagram. And she declared: “I disconnect”, implying that we will not see her for a few days on networks. There is a lot to process. Alejandra Rubio, 24, is three months pregnant. She began her relationship with the Italian model and actor about five years ago.