Mar Flores finally reacts in public to the pregnancy of Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia: “I disconnect”

Fate has wanted two of the most media-worthy women in the country to be linked as a family thanks to the baby that is on the way for Alejandra Rubio and Carlo Costanzia. Terelu Campos will become a grandmother in a few months. She will be 59 years old, while Mar Flores will begin this new stage of her life at 55.

In its exclusive Hello, both Alejandra and Carlo talked about their respective mothers. Everything for them is rosy: “I felt strange and very nervous. That’s why, while we were talking about something else, I blurted it out to him. I thought: ‘Now or never,'” said Carmen Borrego’s niece. And she added about her mother that she “understood everything” and that she “freaked out,” although later she “got very excited.” We don’t know what emotions are behind that “freak out.”

For Carlo’s part, he said about his mother: “It shocked her, but she took it very well. She was super happy and told us that she was going to support us in anything. It went very well, honestly. Better than I expected.” , he said between laughs.

Now, after the media commotion that has been generated on social networks by the child that is being gestated, Mar Flores herself left a message of gratitude late this Wednesday on her Instagram account: “Intense day. Thank you for your congratulations”. And she stated: “I disconnect”, implying that we will not see her for a few days on networks. There is a lot to process.

Alejandra and Carlo, who have taken refuge in Formentera after announcing their pregnancy, met in the corridors of Telecinco, when the latter went to the Santi Acosta and Beatriz Archidona program to talk about the dramas of their childhood.

Something that Terelu did not understand, to the point that she wrote a few words about him on her blog: “I am a mother and if I saw my daughter on a television set talking about her father or me it would be the biggest failure of my life. Yes “If Alejandra expressed some pain she had gone through, some incomprehension or some inability because I was her mother, it would break my life even more.” It must be remembered that she shared these words just a few days before the romantic relationship between her daughter and the son of Mar Flores and Carlo Costanzia di Costiglioli was publicly known, so her message was later interpreted with double meaning. sense.

The young people leave since February, and just two months later, Informalia He caught Alejandra buying a pregnancy test. Something she denied, and now… Baby on the way. The baby will also be born with a loaf of bread under her arm. For the exclusive in Hello, the television collaborator and the Italian model – who is still serving a sentence for a fraud crime – have already pocketed a good pinch. So much so that Lequio put a figure: “There is talk of 85,000 euros.”