The international Mapi León y Patri Guijarro They abandoned the concentration of the Spanish National Team in Oliva this Wednesday morning after claiming that they were not in the best mental conditions to face the commitments of the League of Nations, which Spain will play this Friday in Sucia and on Tuesday against Switzerland in Cordova.

After the meeting that ended at five in the morning between the National Team players, the president of the Higher Sports Council, Victor Francos; the selector, Montse Tomé; and members of the RFEF; It was announced that 21 of the 23 players remained in the national team squad and that only two left it, although it was not said which players they were.

Finally, the footballers who are leaving are the Barcelona fans Mapi León y Patri Guijarro, who when they left the concentration hotel indicated that they left the concentration because they were not emotionally prepared to play. Francos, for his part, assured that they would not be sanctioned.

“It is a reality that the situation for Patri and me is different from that of the rest of the colleagues. There have been neither ways nor ways to return. We are not in a position to say, ‘no, now you are coming back’. This is a process. We are happy because changes are taking place, little by little changes are being made and in this we are fully supporting our colleagues as we have done during this time from outside,” lamented Mapi León after leaving the concentration.

Guijarro, for his part, has also pointed out: “We are working on those changes. They have not happened yet, but they are working. Yesterday we managed to form that Joint Commission and they are working on those changes and we are with our colleagues, but yes It is true that our situation is different and it is quite hard, quite difficult. Being here obviously as everything has happened, mentally we are not able to be there.”

It must be remembered that Mapi León and Patri Guijarro decided not to attend the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. After the famous statement from ‘Las 15’, many players returned to the National Team to play in the continental competition, but they did not. After the scandal of Luis Rubialeseverything went up in the air again.